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 Our goal : Organize the exchange of information and best practice on thermal spraying at the Indian level.

"The Indian Thermal Spraying Market was valued at $420 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $670 million by 2028. The market is growing at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period (2022-2028)"

2nd National Thermal Spray Conference - NTSC2025 

February 21-23, 2025, CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneshwar-India. 

Training and Certification on Thermal Spray

We offer training and certification course on "Thermal Spray Coating Operator" and "Thermal Spray Coating Inspector" levels.

The Indian Thermal Spray Association (iTSA) 

We welcome you to visit our website for information regarding The Indian Thermal Spray Association (iTSA), A Standing Committee of the registered NPO "ITSA ASSOCIATION FOR THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH [ITSA-ATSTR]", is a professional association dedicated to expanding the use of Thermal Spray Technology. ITSA-ATSTR is a non-profit organization registered under section 8 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013. This is a regional group of people who are working in the field of Thermal Spray and Engineering but the members are not only limited to the Indians. Welcome all of the people who devote thermal spraying to join us. The main mission of the iTSA is to promote the advancements of research & developments and industrial applications of thermal spray technology in India as well as in the world through establishing an information exchange platform (Workshops, meetings, and conferences) and the involvement of experienced professionals and young researchers and students in thermal spray R&D. We hope that through iTSA is able to bring regularly all researchers involved in R&D, technicians in thermal spray job shops, manufacturers of thermal spray materials and equipment, managers of the companies involving in thermal spraying in India to share the latest advancements of thermal spray technology. iTSA is managed by the Board of Delegates, composed of members. The Board of Delegates represents key Indian universities, research centers, and companies involved in thermal spraying, performing research, and producing feedstock, types of equipment, and coatings on the Indian and international levels. The institutions represented by the delegates gather together hundreds of scientists and engineers dedicated to R&D activities dedicated to base research, applied research, equipment and application development, problem-solving in the field of thermal spraying, materials science, and engineering etc. 

iTSA's Executive Council (EC)/Board of Members for the period of three years June 2022-June 2025

President:                                         Prof. Harpreet Singh, IIT Ropar, harpreetsingh@iitrpr.ac.in 

Vice President (Academia):             Prof. S Bakshi, IIT Madras, sbakshi@iitm.ac.in 

Vice President (Industry & Lab):      Dr. RM Mohanty, CSIR HQ, New Delhi, rmmohanty@yahoo.com

Founder & General Secretary:        Dr. Satish Tailor, MECPL, Jodhpur, info@indtsa.org 

Joint Secretary:                                Prof. Anup Kumar Keshri, IIT Patna, anup@iitp.ac.in 

Joint Secretary:                                Dr. Sisir Mantry, IMMT Bhubaneswar, sisirmantry@immt.res.in

Senior Executive Member:               Prof. Kamaraj M, IIT Madras, kamaraj@iitm.ac.in

Executive Member:                          Prof. Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar, IIT Kharagpur, jyotsnadmajumdar@hotmail.com

Executive Member:                          Prof.  Shashi Bhushan Arya, NIT K Surathkal, sbarya@nitk.edu.in


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Specifications and Standards 

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Training and Certification on Thermal Spray

We offer training and certification course on "Thermal Spray Coating Operator" and "Thermal Spray Coating Inspector" levels on the following thermal spray processes-

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The website of the iTSA provides the useful information to all colleagues interested in thermal spraying in the large societies, job shops, or university laboratories. The iTSA members have access to the additional services such as job proposition, information about services related to thermal spraying in different states of India, forum of users which enables research of missing information related to thermal spraying and much more. The iTSA membership enables also a reduction in the fees of the events organized by the association.  

We invite you to join iTSA!

 We invite you to join iTSA!

For membership please write us at member.itsa@gmail.com and info@indtsa.org or join online 

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SPRAYTODAY™ | The Indian Thermal Spray Association®

SPRAYTODAYTM is a quarterly official publication of The Indian Thermal Spray Association® [iTSA], Published and Distributed digitally Copyright© 2021 by the INSCIENCEIN Publishing. Please visit for more info ClickHere

E-ISSN : 2582-1474

Editor-In-Chief:            Dr. S. Tailor

Dpty. Editor-In-Chief:   Dr. R. M. Mohanty             

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52687/2582-1474/


An Official publication of The Indian Thermal Spray Association (iTSA)

The JTSE is an international archival journal publishing scientific papers on thermal spray technology; Journal provides a platform for researchers to share their original and innovative findings, in addition to identifying methods of production and application that include, but are not limited to, HOVF, plasma spray, flame spray, wire arc spray, and cold spray, Powder technology, Gas flow, particle motion, and heat transfer, Stress and strain analysis, Coating deposition mechanism, Single particle deposition and solidification upon impact, Coating mechanical and thermal properties, Coating microstructures and phase transformation, Functional coatings, Torch design and optimization, New thermal spray technology, Robotic programming and kinematic analysis, Torch trajectory definition and optimization, Novel applications of thermal spray coating, Mathematical and theoretical analysis on related subjects, Finite Element Analysis on related subjects. JTSE Covers Review Articles, Research Articles, Letter To Editor, Conference & Book Review, Notes and Short Communications. All the published articles are available for Download for Free.

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